Dottie’s Dog School opened a space to teach dog obedience classes in April 2009. Because of the support of my family, friends, and loyal clients it has grown and prospered even through tough times like COVID. 

Toward the end of June, I found out the new owner of our space in East Syracuse would not be renewing the lease. This caught me by surprise, especially with only 5 weeks notice. 

WOW!  Am I being forced to retire?  NO! 

The amazing Community of Dottie’s Dog School, did not intend to just have their classes end. They convinced me we should look for a new place to keep our dog family together and continue what we love to do: compassionately train our dogs to do dog sports and enjoy learning.

They formed an active Relocation Committee that is looking to rent an appropriate training facility within 15-20 min of East Syracuse. They are in the process of forming an LLC and have successfully moved all the school's equipment, flooring, gating and furniture to storage until we find a new location. 

If you are interested in being updated on the committee progress or assisting this group or have ideas please contact:

Jean Boland

Lisa McCormick


DOTTIE HAMBLIN will be continuing private lessons and some very limited classes. 

Please contact her at if you are looking for private lessons, and especially if you are getting a new puppy.


LISA McCORMICK is continuing her classes on the road. 

Contact Lisa at


JESSICA NEWCOMB is available for private instruction to problem solve behavioral, competition problems, pet manners, or for general competitive coaching! 

Please contact her via email for more info or to set up lessons.

We can work anything from pet manners to nosework to competitive obedience. Remember that I also do behavioral consulting for those more challenging problems your dog might have!  Private lessons can be at your home or a locally agreed-upon location. This is the time to get back on track!! 

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