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Puppy Class
This class is primarily for handlers who are interested in the sport of dogs and cross-venue training.We will lay good foundations for teamwork, attention, focusing play drive, and ensuring the proper sit, down, and stand that we want for competition Obedience. Puppies will have  opportunities to socialize, but handler focus will be a priority.

Basic Obedience
This class is for beginners looking for basic canine good manners. The focus will be on how dogs learn. Handlers will be given the tools to teach their dogs walking on a lead, sit, down, stay, bite inhibition, keeping feet on the floor, and the beginning of come.

The goal of this class is for the handler to learn how to teach his/her dog to be a respectful member of the family. The class is appropriate for those who have completed a puppy socializing  class. The first class is for handlers only, no dogs please!

Intermediate Obedience
This class is for dogs that have taken a puppy or basic obedience class and want to continue working on sit, down, stay, come, controlled walking, and canine good manners.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
The dog/handler team will learn and practice all the skills necessary to take the AKC test to earn the CGC certificate. Dogs taking this class should have successfully completed a basic obedience class.


Young Dog Competition Class
This class is for those who are interested in cross-venue training and with an expectation for training the dog to compete at the Open/Utility level of Obedience. Most of these teams will compete in Rally and Agility as well as Obedience.

Level 2 Young Dog / Beginner Rally
This class is for those who are interested in cross-venue training and in using Rally as introduction to the Obedience ring. The dog must have a concept of heeling and some handler focus. We will be doing small Rally courses every other week.

Intermediate Obedience
This class is for dogs that have taken a puppy or basic obedience class and want to continue working on sit, down, stay, come, controlled walking, and canine good manners.

Continuing Education
This is an advanced class for the dog/handler team that likes to go to school. Teams will continue fundamentals for advanced Obedience. Rally exercises will be taught while we develop focus and attention. We will work on handling skills, Advanced Rally and beginner Open exercises (retrieve and drop), as well as stays.

Novice Obedience
This class is for those  concentrating on the Novice performance in the ring: heeling, recalls, and stays. Attention and handling skills will be emphasized. Proofing of exercises will be included.

Graduate Novice / Beginner Open
The emphasis in this class will be the Retrieves, Drop on Recall, Stays and Heeling! Most of these dogs will have competed in Novice Obedience.

Beginner Utility
This class will introduce 1 to 2 Utility exercises each week. It is intended for the handler who is somewhat new to Utility and needs to know where to begin and how to break down the exercises into small teaching pieces. Any dog with a good retrieve can start working on these exercises. The dog need not have earned a  CDX.


Rally is a new form of competitive Obedience in which the dog/handler team complete a course consisting of Obedience-type exercises (turns, recalls, short stays); unlike traditional Obedience, in Rally the handler is allowed to talk to the dog and to give unlimited  encouragement.

Beginner Rally 
This class is for dogs that have had some obedience training and have a concept of heeling. They will be expected to know sit and down. Rally is an excellent way to teach dog/handler teamwork. It is  also a nice introduction to showing before doing traditional Obedience.

Rally Novice   
This class is for those preparing to show in competition. Instruction will include strategy, fine-tuning exercises, and short sequences. All students in this class should have some knowledge of Rally or have earned an Obedience title.

Novice Obedience / Advanced Rally  
This class will emphasize exercise performance, heeling, and attention while teaching Advanced Rally exercises. Every other week there will be an Advanced Rally course.   

Advanced / Excellent Rally
Rally Advanced and Excellent exercises will be taught in this class. Short sequences will also be used to practice the new exercises. These teams should have a good understanding of the Rally rules and Rally Novice exercises.


Conformation Beginner Handling
For puppies and dogs ages 4 months and up. Dogs must be leash trained. This class is for newcomers to the AKC breed ring. The emphasis will be on the conformation handler's skills: presentation, speed and timing, stacking, free-baiting, moving patterns, proper attire, ring etiquette, and getting and keeping your dog's "I'm a STAR" attitude.  Structure and interpretation of the breed standard will also be covered.

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