Teaching Philosophy

Dottie with four dogs


The concepts below are ones that DDS instructors believe to be of the utmost importance in our teaching and as such they shape the content of all our classes. 

•   First, dogs are family members

A well-behaved pet is a joy to live with and all members of the human family should participate in training the dog to become a well-behaved member of the family.  Dogs need to be trained the basics: to be housebroken, to walk politely on a leash, to understand simple commands such as sit/down/stay, and to not jump up on people. 

•   Second, dog training should be fun

Training should be fun, for both dog and trainer. Dogs have a natural desire to learn, and trainers can reinforce this desire with praise, treats, toys, and games.

The instructors at DDS will teach you how to teach your dog the foundation skills it needs, and to enjoy doing it!! And they will show you how to build on that foundation so that your dog will be successful in whatever you choose to do with him.

•   Third, dog training needs to be individualized for each dog

Like humans, different dogs have different temperaments and aptitudes for learning. It's important that trainers understand the training process from the dog's perspective, in order to be clear in what they are communicating to their dog and fair in what they are expecting from him. 

DDS instructors will help you to understand your unique dog and how to communicate clearly with him. And they have many methods in their "toolboxes" for teaching certain skills and for help with problem-solving.

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