Friday Classes





9:30 AM

Beginner Obedience Class 

Start Date: 2/2/18  

Fee: $85/7 wks

Instructor: Judy McManus

Dogs in this class are new to obedience.  We work on the skills (heeling, sits, down, stays, recalls) that make our dogs good companions and will lead to novice rally in the future.  We are also working on the skills to achieve the Canine Good Citizen title.

10:45 AM

Novice / Advanced Rally Class  (FULL)

Start Date: On-going

Fee: $50/4 wks

Instructor: Judy McManus

Dogs in this class are preparing to compete and the novice level in Rally and being introduced to the advanced signs.  Focus is on teamwork, obedience skills and performing the signs correctly.

5:30 PM

Puppy Plus

Start Date: 7/26/19

Fee: $75/5 wks

Instructor: Jessica Newcomb

Taking young puppies and strengthening their manners and life skills while beginning to teach new skills leading to the sport of competitive obedience.

6:30 PM

Reactive Rover

Start Date: 7/12/19

Fee: $180/6 wks

Instructor: Jessica Newcomb

Does your dog bark, pull, jump and lunge at other dogs while on-leash? Do you want to take a training class or just enjoy your walks but can't because of your dog's behavior? Are you ready for solutions? In Reactive Rover we will work in a small-group with a highly structured environment.

Reactive Rover will give you positive techniques to prevent your dog's over-reactive behaviors while helping him to relax, focus on you, and learn from you. You will decrease stress and increase enjoyment for both you and your dog. The overall goal of this class is to have your dog behave politely and calmly around other on-leash dogs. Please bring lots of Soft high value treats . Class is limited to 4 dogs to encourage safety and success. This class is not intended for dogs with human aggression issues.


6:30 PM

Foundation Agility Class

Start Date:  3/8/19

Fee: $90/6 wks

Instructor: Sandy Madaio

This class is for new-to-agility dogs. It is to be a fun exposure to this popular sport. Most everything will be ground work: planks, ladder, tippy boat, barrels, table, tunnels, crosses and other basic moves and games. There will be no weaves in this class. Limit 6 dogs. 

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