Tuesday Classes



OBEDIENCE CLASSES (Dotties Dog School)

12:30 PM

Puppy Class  

Start Date: 7/31/18 or 8/7/18

Fee: $85/7 wks ($5 discount for those already in a DDS class)

Instructors: Becky Byrns assisted by Dottie Hamblin

This class is for teams that want more out of their partnership. We want our puppies to know learning is fun. We will concentrate on skills that are necessary for all venues of dog sports and companionship. We hope to have dogs that respond to personal engagement rather than just food or toys. We will use praise, play, all sorts of treats, toys, and clickers during the training process.

5:30 PM

Competition Puppy Class  

Start Date: 2/19/19

Fee: $85/7 wks ($5 discount for those already in a DDS class)

Instructor: Dottie Hamblin

This class will focus on the foundation skills and behaviors for pups and handlers that are planning to participate in the various dog sports including obedience, agility,Rally, and more. 


9:30 AM

Master Agility  

Start Date: coming in April 2019

Fee: $90/6 wks

Instructors: Donna Deal & Michelle Maier


5:00 PM

Novice Agility  

Start Date: coming in April 2019

Fee: $90/6 wks

Instructor: Liz Shepherd

6:00 PM

Advanced / Excellent Agility  

Start Date: coming in April 2019

Fee: $90/6 wks

Instructor: Liz Shepherd

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