Dottie Hamblin

My love of dogs and animals goes back as far as I can remember. When I was young I would tell people that I wanted to be a lady veterinarian doctor. My parents were always concerned that the practice would be extremely limited! Besides when I got in college I hated chemistry!

My first dog and I graduated form the University of Florida with a Masters in Education.  We moved to Philadelphia and then on to Syracuse.Tasha, my toy poodle, went everywhere with me. She helped me make friends and was the first dog I titled in AKC obedience.  She started obedience school when she was over 7, proving old dogs can still learn. 

I bought my first Bearded Collie pup as a gift for my soon-to-be husband in 1979. I started classes with the Syracuse Obedience Training Club in 1980 because this dog had no manners and I was now pregnant and overwhelmed. I was told in her second class that she would never amount to anything and that was all the challenge I needed. Schatzie went on to get both her American and Canadian CD and CDX titles. 

By now I was hooked on Bearded Collies and Obedience and so became an active member and instructor at the Syracuse Obedience Training Club.  

During the 80's I started attending every seminar and workshop that was available on dog obedience. During the day I was the director of a large downtown day care center.  I learned a lot about people and teaching both from the families and their children and the dog classes. 

As time went on I started teaching basic and intermediate obedience classes for the Town of Manlius Recreation Department.  I did this for at least 8 years. Two more Bearded Collies joined our family and I learned more while working and training these wonderful dogs. I started herding with Clue and there was talk of the AKC adding agility to their performance events. 

I attended more seminars and workshops. Soon I was offering agility classes and having so much fun. My private classes were growing in popularity and I was also beginning to work for Rhoda Lerman and Blue Haven Newfoundlands, training some of the younger dogs. Now it only seemed logical to learn about water rescue and draft work. 

While working for Rhoda I was allowed to share in the life of a very special dog, Ch Blue Heaven's Catherine the Great. I learned how to do obedience with giant dogs. Katie and I earned a Companion Dog title with placements, Water Dog, Water Rescue Dog, and a Draft Dog title to become the first Versatile Newf at the Blue Haven Kennel. She also passed her Therapy Dog International test. Katie's life on earth recently ended but she will always have a permanent spot in my heart. 

These experiences gave me the confidence to know I had become a professional dog trainer and that I could do this full time. My family and personal life mandated that I find full time employment.  Why not turn this hobby I love into a business? Thus Dottie's Dog School.

I have had the privilege of training and titling several different breeds of dogs.  This has enhanced my experience and knowledge as an Instructor and trainer.

Tasha (Toy Poodle) - Mi Tasha Am/Can CD

Schatzie (Bearded Collie) - Glen Eire Schatzie O'Hare Am CD/Can CDX

Clue (Bearded Collie) - Am/Can CH Arcadia's Clue Of Walkoway Am/Can CDX, HT

Misty (Cairn Terrier) - Star of local theatre, including many performances as "Sandy" in Annie

Daisy (Newfoundland) - Daisy CD

Katie (Newfoundland) - CH Blue Heaven's Catherine the Great CD, WRD, DD, TDI, VN

Nellie (Bearded Collie) - Walkoway Happy Talk UD, OA, OAJ

Claire (Petit Bassett Griffon Vandeen) - Lil Eclaire NA; first PBGV to title in Rally

Jake (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) - Sweet Royal Jake CDX, RE, OA, OAJ, PT

Sooner (Cardigan Welsh Corgi) - Richelu Xtacee Moonstone CDX, ASCA CDX, RAE, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJB, NJP, NF; first Cardigan RAE

Layla (Bearded Collie) - CH Ragtyme If Thats What it Takes BN, RE, NA, NAJ, CA

Jagger (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver) - Brandywine's Start Me Up CD BN GN RE JH AX MXJ OF CA CGC


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