Jill Tice

Jill has been teaching agility since the beginning of the sport in the United States and has a very impressive record as an agility competitor! This past year, you may have watched Jill and her wonderful dog, Sarge, on television winning their Standard agility class at the renowned Westminster Dog  Show!  Jill has qualified for and competed at multiple AKC national agility events  and has been invited to the AKC Agility Invitational with a variety of dog breeds that  she has enjoyed in her life.

Jill recently placed in the Finals at 3 different USDAA Agility Regionals for GrandPrix, Steeplechase, Team & Biathlon.  She has qualified for almost every USDAA CYNOSPORT World Game tournament, “the oldest and most prestigious tournament in the sport today”, winning multiple classes and always making the semifinal competition.    

Jill modifies her training to best match the individual dog, the individual handler, and the team as a whole.  She develops the team by building on their strengths and maximizing their skills.  Her longevity in the sport and her experience with and knowledge of the variety of training methods available, give Jill the expertise to help each team perform at their peak potential!  She is the type of instructor who is able to help a struggling team, ready to give up on agility, blossom into a team able to successfully compete in the top levels of agility!  Jill can work with the agility beginner as effectively as the life-long agility competitor.  She is a positive, “can-do” instructor whose infectious attitude rubs off on all her students.  In addition to agility, Jill trains and competes with her dogs in conformation, obedience, barn hunt, and rally.

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