Sandy Madaio

My first two dogs were 'couch potato' Siberian Huskies, who only received very basic obedience - and typical Sib - never came when called! While competing in show jumping, I saw, and fell in love with, Pembroke Welsh Corgis - tho my horse trainer warned me "they shed" - really? I had Sibs!!

Anyhow, I decided to get one, and thus, Shonna came into my life in 2004 - this time I did the right thing and took classes with Eric Louis and SOTC - saw agility, and really liked it - tho I was not sure my knees would hold up! Shonna eventually earned novice titles.  Shonna's breeder had another litter, and yes, I got a second corgi, Belle Starr.  After more training with SOTC and Diane Eggleston, and knee replacements!, both girls were competing, I was an SOTC member and then instructor.

Shonna (ImagineThat's National Velvet CGC) now has her MX, MXJ, XF, RN and (in CPE) her CATCH 3.  She is working in beginner novice now that I have the 'obedience bug'! (thank you Dottie!)

I've also acquired a third corgi, Quentin, (aka Naughty Boy), who did get me into obedience with Dottie,  has his RN and BN and is working on agility, tracking and more obedience.

Belle, by the way, is also known as MACH 2 CATCH ImagineThat's Belle Starr MXF, T2B and is about to launch her rally career as well as tracking. 

A slightly humorous story was way back when I started my 'corgi' career: I was quoted as saying I could balance show jumping and agility — a few people chuckled and let me find my way! And yes, the horse has been retired and I am now spending money since I've gone to the dogs!

My dogs are my passion and I've really been enjoying teaching - especially classes for the 'newbies' — it's really great to see the light bulb go on in both people and pups!

Present dogs:

Shonna - ImagineThat's National Velvet CGC MX MXJ XF RN & CPE CATCH 3

Belle - MACH 2 CATCH ImagineThat's Belle Starr MXF T2B

Quentin - Mystical WaitWaitDon'tTellMe RN BN

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